Om |ōm|


  • a mystic syllable, considered the most sacred word.
  • Pronounced a-u-m.  It was chosen by us because it represents mindfulness, awareness and living a life of conscience..
  • Something we should all strive to be and do.
  • Om has been significant for thousands of years and used by those looking for inner peace, balance and strength.
  • You are in peak physical condition; strong and focused, your adrenaline is pumping, your heart is pounding, your feet are flying & you are in your sacred place of concentration, this is when you are in the Om Zone.
  • Feeling good about the day, Who you are, your Choices and everything around you. In the Om Zone. Being an Om Girl.
  • Mindful, Focused, Aware... in the Zone...the Om Zone.
  • What is the symbol in the middle of our logo you ask? It is the Balinese Om. Not only significant but cute, hu
  • What do we mean by "Be Om?" 
  • We mean Be Focused, Aware that Everything you Do Comes Back to you and is a reflection on Who You Are, 
  • Be Kind.
  • Treat Others how you want to be treated and Have Fun while Being Mindful and Proud of your Choices. 
  • We don't want to preach or tell you what to do. We just want you to Be Om.