How to Measure

  • Bust - Start by placing a measuring tape around the largest part of your bust. The tape should be flat but not too snug. 
  • Waist - Have Mom, Dad, Gram or a friend help you with this.  Your waist lies between your bottom ribs and hip bones. To measure most accurately relax your stomach and lie the tape measure flat around your waist, not too tight -  You want to find the widest place, which is usually a few inches below your hip bone and the biggest part of your bottom.  This is so there no riding or creeping.
  • Inseam 
  • This is the part of your bottoms that starts at the crotch and where it ends on your leg.
  • We do not offer too many differences to keep it simple; in some shorts or sports you may see a choice of a few different lengths, but overall we used the ones that the athletes thought was good for what they do....
  • While wearing your running shoes or cleats so it is more accurate, stand with your feet  shoulder-width apart and measure from the inside of where your leg starts below the crotch and see how many inches down you want the fabric to go.  
  • If in doubt, go bigger because you are most likely still growing.  If the fabrics have Spandex and/or Lycra that means there is give to it, it will stretch an inch or so....If you don't think you are growing, the sizes are definitely true to fit and again, stretch in the waist quite a bit.  See the particular item you are ordering as there is more specific information there as well.  
  • We hope you love them and live in whatever you choose!  We are sure you will....