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50 UVP
Moisture management & wicking
Pilling Resistant
Odor resistant
Soft & Silky fabrics
Fast drying
Wrinkle resistant
Environmentally friendly treatment


We design & make clothes to allow you to be competitive, comfortable & stylish.

Our clothing is designed and made in Vancouver and San Diego...let's keep it home!

We chose Om because we want kindness, mindfulness in your sport as well as focus, dedication and determination.

We make very limited amounts so you can continue to be unique and special so please grab what you like when you see it or it may not be here next visit and we don't want you to be disappointed... Ever.

We girls know that when we look good, we feel good!


Are you Tired of

  • itchy, chafing, sweaty and smelly bottoms (and tops)?

  • rifling through your gym bag to look for change of clothing after playing sports?

  • searching through your duffel to wear your shorts to wear under your skirts?

  • rummaging thru your stinky bag looking for a skirt to wear over your shorts?

  • Then we suggest you wear an Om Skort because it is like having two-in-one 

  • We only use the best performance fabrics

  • Wear Om and Be Om!

Teen girls wearing sports apparel and active wear