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50 UVP
Moisture management & wicking
Pilling Resistant
Odor resistant
Soft & Silky fabrics
Fast drying
Wrinkle resistant
Environmentally friendly treatment
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The Cozy

Our Price: $35.00
Our sincere apologies - we don't want to disappoint you but we make very limited quantities of each item and this size is currently not available. We suggest with the performance fabrics that you try a larger size since you are still growing and the fabric is compression-like and therefore the sizes run smaller.
We encourage you to come back and visit us often or shoot us an email and tell us what you are looking for.
Maybe we can make a suggestion for something similar or even make more.  
Thank you so much for trying & we hope to make you happy with another Om product or this item when we make more.
Please let us know what you are thinking or dreaming of- we take all your ideas very seriously & are small enough to pay
attention without dealing with too many bosses and.....That is a good thing.
Namaste and have an Om Day!

The Pima Cotton Cozy

Insanely soft & cozy cotton. You won't want to take it off even for going to sleep after a long day!
This is currently being made in many colors and will be available in December- please come back soon- we are sorry we sold this so quickly and are working as fast as we can to make more...